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We Launched a 3-year Capital Campaign at Lifepointe Church in October 2023 with big goals in mind. Here’s what we want to achieve:

Pay off Church Debt ($28,000): We aim to eliminate our debt, freeing up resources for ministry and outreach.

Purchase Van: A van will boost our mobility for group events and outreaches.

Build Back Reserves for AC Replacement: We’ll set aside funds to upgrade our air conditioning systems. *10 units are 25 years+

Fund Evangelism: We’ll support local and international evangelistic efforts.

Update and enhancing our facilities, especially the children’s area, we want to steward what God has entrusted us to and create a more welcoming space for all.

10% of all contributions will go to missions, both locally and abroad.


We have Pledge cards available at Lifepointe or fill out our online pledge card below

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