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We’re launching a 3-year Capital Campaign at Lifepointe Church with big goals in mind. Here’s what we want to achieve:

Pay off Church Debt ($37,000): We aim to eliminate our debt, freeing up resources for ministry and outreach.

Purchase Van: A van will boost our mobility for group events and outreaches.

Build Back Reserves for AC Replacement: We’ll set aside funds to upgrade our air conditioning systems. *10 units are 25 years+

Fund Evangelism: We’ll support local and international evangelistic efforts.

Update and enhancing our facilities, especially the children’s area, we want to steward what God has entrusted us to and create a more welcoming space for all.

10% of all contributions will go to missions, both locally and abroad.


40 Days of Prayer And Fasting


September 11th- October 22nd we are asking that you join us in prayer for what God would do at Lifepointe as we seek God’s guidance and blessings!


What is God calling you to be obedient to with the resources He has entrusted you with? Consider your time, talents, and treasures. Seek His direction on how you can faithfully steward these gifts for His glory.


What area/call/amount is God putting on your heart to give towards the launch of our capital campaign after the 40-day fast? Trust in His provision and listen to His prompting as you prayerfully consider your contribution.


What is the Holy Spirit leading you to do for the next three years with a monthly commitment to our ABUNDANCE Capital Campaign? Seek God’s guidance on how you can commit to supporting this endeavor on a regular basis.

Remember, it’s essential to focus not solely on the amount you can contribute or what others are doing, but rather on being obedient to God’s calling. Take time each day to visit our social media and website, where our pastors will share devotionals to inspire and guide you during this fast.



Join us on October 22nd as we come together to break our fast and celebrate the incredible work of God! We are thrilled to announce that our talented youth will be hosting the banquet. As a way of acknowledging their efforts, we have decided to donate 5% of our Kickoff donations to SPEED THE LIGHT.

This special event will replace our usual fellowship meal for the month, allowing us to focus on the joyful gathering!

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